Tuesday, June 17, 2008

knitting projects

I have it in mind to keep this blog updated with all my myriad projects, perhaps to convince myself that I'm not just a lazy slacker after all...

The Fuzzy Pink Sweater From Hell (WIP)
So here's that pink sweater I started. Doesn't look a whole lot like a sweater yet, does it? ;) It will. Size 13 (9.0 mm) needles means it knits up quick. Woot.

And here's that coffee cozy I posted about before. I can't really have coffee right now, so the cozy is functioning as art. I think it looks like a coral polyp, sans tentacles (maybe the ribbing at the top is the tentacles). Also, ooooohhhh rainbowy Noro yarn is pretty. I finally killed that stash of Kureyon, which means I could have an excuse to buy more Noro in the near future... Hmmmm..

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