Monday, June 16, 2008

Through The Hiss is updated, and knitting happens.

There is a new post up at Through The Hiss, with a brand spankin' new live recording of La Cacahouette. :D New as in, recorded yesterday. I spent a few hours today turning it into a podcast (seeing as I didn't have to go into work). Go look! Go listen! I'm excited.

La Cacahouette plays for Through The Hiss, 6-15-2008

Oh, oh, I started knitting a fuzzy pink sweater, from a pattern in Stitch N' Bitch. Concurrently, I'm almost-halfway-done with a set of black and white striped armwarmers for the spouse. That little coffee cup warmer (which is finished) will be sidelined for a bit, since recent health promblems have meant I can't have coffee. (Insert Darth Vader "NOOOOOO" here.)

And uh, anyhow...

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