Thursday, June 19, 2008

Recent adventures in Second Life

Sometimes you just need some eye candy.

too much eye candy to handle

wings and tentacles

Like space babes dancing with all manner of brightly colored lights. Mmmmm. Sen (the pixie) is the spouse's "alt", although Sen is quickly becoming a main character and Artdre (the original avatar) has been in-world far less often these days. This is probably a good thing, as Artdre is a dark, sulky, snarky, angry demon and Sen is a bright, fluttery, happy space pixie. The blue tentacled space babe is my main avatar Pinkfeather, who is a shapeshifting genderfluid creature.

Geo discovers glorious analog

One of my alts, Geo, discovered some tasty analog keyboards. He begged Sen to come play with him, and she obliged. I think Geo has a lovecrush on Sen but he's too shy to initiate anything with her, as Sen seems kind of asexual (even if she's sexy). Pixies are like that, aren't they? :P

Fracture spaceport + hydroponic gardens

Also, the new spaceport and hydroponic gardens at Fracture == LOVE.

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