Monday, April 21, 2008

Future projects

It's absolutely beautiful outside and structural geology class meets in the field today!

This is making me excited for the research I want to do over the summer and fall (and yes, I also want to continue working on the results from the AZ research, I'm not that embittered for not getting the summer fellowship... am I?).

See that? That rock does not belong around here, because all we have is shale, and limestone, and occasionally sandstone. And this rock? Fabrics, it haz dem. See the garnets? How could you miss the garnets? I'm going to be doing some creekwalking and mapping boulders of igneous and metamorphic rocks (GPS ahooooooy), and taking hand specimens to cut up and look at thin sections. Ultimately I want to try and place the boulders to their source outcrops (which would be somewhere in southern Ontario). Another student began this research a couple years ago, but "more research is needed" as always.

Here's that same boulder again, this time with a spouse for scale. (Spouses of geologists often get used for such purposes. It's an unwritten contract when one becomes the partner of a mad scientist.)

husband used for scale

Awwwww, Jay is so cute. Isn't he? *gushy gush*

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