Friday, April 25, 2008

Daily reading: rock hammers can be useful for things other than their intended purpose.

Two things:

First, do not fuck with geologists. Even if you are a rabid bobcat and you think, "Oh hmmm that nerdy dude looks tasty," that geologist will fuck you up with a rock hammer. Seriously though, I'd be scared shitless if a bobcat randomly attacked me while hiking, and I'd probably do the same as this couple did- try to get away without harming it first, then kill it if necessary. Yikes. Although I do harbor fantasies about showing off scars from altercations with wild animals. A few years ago I spent a bit of time wondering how I could get a controlled shark bite without accidentally hurting myself too much, just enough to have bite scars on an arm or leg...

Second, the Blowfish Blog has a nice entry today about... well, it's about a lot of things: Jealousy, Friendship, and Bisexual Chopped Liver. I can relate so closely it's almost scary; an ex of mine was the paranoid OMG-you're-bisexual-that-means-I-can't-trust-you-because-you'll-fuck-anyone-you-meet type that tried to dictate who I could and could not be friends with, under threat of leaving me. (I often look back and think about how much happier, saner, and less permanently scarred I would have been in my mid-to-late teens, if I'd just never met that douchebag.)

Anyhow...! Yesterday was the perfect day. I may have photos later, when they're ready.

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