Thursday, March 27, 2008

more field trip shots!

I had to upload these photos in two batches. Here's some of my favorites from the second batch. Taken in the Niagara River region and also Silurian-Devonian (we left behind the Ordovician). You may want to refer to this site ( if you have basic questions about sedimentary structures.

Photos from the Niagara Gorge trail at Artpark in Lewiston, NY:

First, we have a shot of some load casts.

load casts

Next, on the now-vertical "under"side of a boulder (which was facing outward at the very edge of a steep dropoff on the edge of the trail, wheeeee) is a whole buttload of arthrophycus trace fossils. (That's worm burrows, that is.)

holy cheez that's a lotta worm burrows

While we're at it, have some ripple marks too.

ripple marks

Uh... nature iz pretty. :B

Queenston-Lewiston bridge.

arc en ceil

Orthocone nautiloid with some of the siphuncle preserved.

orthocone nautiloid - note siphuncle

Some shots further up the river, not at Artpark:

Dr. Carlton Brett (who lead the field trip) is in this shot (taken near the power outlook on the NY side of the river) for scale. I like the cross-bedding. :)

Can you spot the stromatolites in the rocks? There's also thrombolites in there but I'm very un-knoledgeable about those. :|

Churning rapids in the whirlpool of the Niagara River. Turns out the whirlpool is there because there was a filled-in gorge that existed previously, leaving softer material that was more easily eroded, forming a kink in the Niagara River.


And finally, we have a black squirrel, because squirrels are infinitely excellent. Woot!

spot the skwerl (hint: it's melanistic)

All of these photos may be seen at a larger size by following the links to my flickr photostream. :)

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