Sunday, June 1, 2008

Teen sketch meme (I am always late to the party)

For this meme!

teen meme

Features of Teen Lins™:
  • Slouchy shoulders and bad posture
  • Undershave worn as a floppy mohawk (dyed green)
  • Multiple necklaces and chokers
  • "Pagan" (lol!)
  • Straightedge (roflmao!!)
  • Ratty old army jacket
  • Sandals (I still have the pair I got when I was 15)
  • Sketchbook full of murry purry furry "art"
  • Tie-dye t-shirt with a wolf on it (I owned several)
  • Semi-baggy jeans that are a size or two too small (Due to severely bad body image, I couldn't cope with my actual clothing size and pretended I could lose enough weight to fit into my tight clothes... The irony is, I only weighed about 120-125 pounds during my mid-to-late teen years. Dayum!)
  • Ears pierced once each; fake CBR earrings
  • No bra
Not Pictured:
  • Emotionally abusive metalhead boyfriend
  • Eating disorder
  • Self-injuries
  • Bad grades
  • Shitty taste in music
  • The mind-numbing banality of life in suburbia

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