Friday, April 25, 2008

Springtime in Delaware Park

I have more photos from this roll (all 24 came out, for once- a Holga rarity!) but the photolab inevitably messed up most of the scans, which wound up horribly off-center. :/ I hate this era of holy shit let's automate everything!!1! So that means you'll have to wait for my photos of the Eternal Flame falls (I was pleasantly surprised to see the flame was indeed captured on my film). Well... at least the lovely blossomy photos were scanned right. Honestly I have no idea how this keeps happening; I count the exact same number of click in between shots every time. Grrrr.

cloud blossoms

earliest spring, mirrored.

softest pink petals

cross the breeze

So, spring has finally come to WNY and this makes me happeeee. I took some extra time yesterday to wander around Delaware Park before class, and snapped the above photos. I strolled blissfully through the park, listening for the first time in months to the soft rustle of the breeze moving through leaves and blossoms...

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BrianR said...

Fantastic photos ... I grew up in Buffalo ... well, near Buffalo and did my undergrad at UB. I haven't lived there for 10 years now. I miss some aspects of living there ... especially the food!